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    Ray & June DrakeRay & June Drake

    I am looking for information about lowering a Mac 27 Mk2 mast with tabernacle. There used to be something on the website many years ago but as far as I could see, not now. Do any of you know anybody who has lowered his mast by hand? If so, I would be interested in what equipment they used and experience of doing it. If they are in the Solent area even better.

    Ray Drake

    Chris NixonChris Nixon

    Hi Ray
    This is how I suggest you lower the mast:
    First of all, slack all the bottle screws either releasing the lock nuts or taking out centre cotter pins.
    Then take off the forestry. Get a length of rope. Tie an appropriate knot through the bottle screw-in the forestry.
    Thread the rope round the bow roller and lead it back to the capstone end of the anchor winch. Give it three turns round there and hold it.
    Then get your working partner to remove the cap shrouds and disconnect the front lowers.
    Then get your working partner to hold the two lower back shrouds and pull them inwards.
    As he is pulling inwards you let your rope slip round very slowly to lower the mast while the other person uses the shrouds he is holding to keep it in a straight line.
    When it gets quite low, he can take the weight of the mast while you quickly go to the back to help. It’s always handy to have a third person helping when the mast gets down quite low.
    Have a crossframe ready at the stern to take the weight as you lower down the last bit. My wife and I used to do this regularly before we went to a boatyard with a crane. Hope this helps.

    Ray & June DrakeRay & June Drake

    Thanks Chris,
    What you describe is very useful and shows it can be done without any additional equipment. This is particularly helpful as it gives me greater confidence as to the forces required. I do not have an anchor winch so will have to use the main sheet blocks and run back to the jib winches. As I am not getting any younger and my strength is not what it used to be I may well go for an A frame option. It has amazed me how many very useful responses I have received and the range of options.

    Thanks for your support.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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