Nautical Charts & Books

Nautical Charts & Books


Harbour Office

The Macwester Owners Association extends a warm welcome to you and offers you the following levels of involvement in our community


If you are a casual visitor and only require limited access to the Marina facilities please feel free to look around or go a cable further and choose one of the following:-

Become actively involved within our community and register for a free “swinging mooring” with access to our forum and community events, or go the whole nautical mile and apply for:-

Full membership of the Macwester Owners Association which provides you with a “pontoon berth” and access to the Club House with the additional benefits of :-

** Twice yearly Macwester Journal ** ** Periodical News letters ** ** Access to our library containing articles from past Journals relating to repairs and modifications spanning the history of the Association ** ** Joining pack which includes MOA burgee **


We hope you enjoy your stay and whatever type of mooring you choose, we hope you make it your permanent berth for all things Macwester and become a regular visitor and user of this site.


For general enquiries follow this link……