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Harbour Office

The Macwester Owners Association extends a warm welcome to you and offers you the following levels of involvement in our community

Guests – are welcome to browse the public parts of this web site, but for those who require further access can choose to either :-

Register – to gain access to our Forum, Community Events, and some of the Technical Articles available. This is a good way to become more actively involved with other Macwester-owning folk. Registration is free and can be done on by completing the on-line Registration form here.

Membership – this gives full access to all resources on the web site, together with a twice-year posted Macwester Journal, periodical News letters, full access to our technical library of articles relating to repairs & modifications spanning the history 50-year of our Association, and a “joining pack” which includes a MOA burgee.

Click here to download a Membership Application form. Annual membership costs £20, payable by a PayPal subscription. 

Whatever your choice, we hope you enjoy your stay and whatever type of mooring you choose, we hope you make it your permanent berth for all things Macwester and become a regular visitor and user of this site.

For general enquiries follow this link……