Mac Stories and Articles

Use the links below to either view articles and stories submitted by club members or create your own using the link provided.

  • View Club Members boat locations – a map showing where to see your colleagues boats
  • View Members’ Posts – Posts (articles, stories and other tales) concerning Macwesters, submitted by Club members for other members’ interest.
  • Manage Your Posts – Click here to manage your own posts. A post contains a block of narrative and up to 10 uploaded images. Here you can create, edit, delete as many posts as you want, and decide whether to publish immediately or save in draft form for later publishing.


Use the links below to view and create events for club members. Note these can include “virtual” events using the Club’s ZOOM video conferencing facility.

    • Future Events– Lists those events coming up
    • Your Events – a Dashboard from where you can edit or create your own events

Photo Gallery

Use the links below to view a selection of photos submitted by club members, or upload your own photos to contribute to the club’s gallery material.

Awards and Competitions
  • Award Nominations – Nominations by club members for our club awards. Submit your nominations on-line.
  • Best Photo Competition – Submit your snaps for our annual competition for “Best looking” aspects of your Macwester”. Nominations open to all club members. Submit your pictures on-line.

Club Library

Club Committee Business
  • Committee Room – Details of the MOA Committee, AGM minutes etc.
  • Macmeets and Mac moments – Stories and pictures from various MacMeet events and from past journals penned by members relating to their experiences and cruises.
  • Member list – List of club members and their profiles.