Welcome to the Macwester Owners Association

Mac at anchor
Mac 27 cheerily under sail
Mac 27
Mac Seaforth
Mac Seaforth
Mac 27 - Lila
Wight II Fulcrum
Mac Rowan
Mac 27
Mac Wight II
Mac 27 -awaiting refit
Mac-28 on-Fal
Mac Malin 32
Mac 27
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Founded over 50 years ago in 1967 the club encourages owners of Macwesters boats to make contact with other owners and meet, providing opportunities for members to share knowledge and experience. We do this through a twice-yearly publication of the Association’s Journal, Club meetings and Rallies. Since the beginning, the Association has retained original copies of every published Journal. They contain articles from the boats designer CSJ Roy himself, technical information, owner’s modifications and repairs to their boats along with accounts of journeys undertaken in them. The Association is proud of its retained history. It is an unrivalled source of information on Macwester boats.

Members have full access to all of this history. Every Journal is available on our website along with a library of technical articles searchable by boat class. We have a Macwester Map of Members and registered users with boat locations. You can hover over a marker and see its details. (Members also see owner’s contact information if added)  

If you are interested in Macwesters boats register (it’s free) and have a look around. You can do this with a Facebook or Google ID. You will need to go into your profile once registered if you want to include boat details and add it to the owners map. 

But if you are really serious about your historic Macwester consider joining the Association. You can become more than a member; you can be part of the history! The cost of subscription is £20 a year. (£30 for the first year that includes a Member’s welcome pack and Club Burgee)

To register or join the Association visit the Office page where you’ll find more information about both.