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Welcome to the Macwester Owners Association

Mac Rowan
Wight II - Cathy
Mac - River Orwell Bridge
Mac 27
Seaforth (Seabird V )
Wight II
Wight II
Mac 27 "Lila"
Wight II (Eider)
Mac 27
Seaforth - Seabird

Founded in 1967, the Macwester Owners Association caters for the interests of all those owning boats built to C.J.Roy designs; including all Macwesters, the Atlanta Rockall, Atlanta Viking 800, and Atlanta 28 and 8.5.

On our web site Macwester boat enthusiasts can share information, solve problems, and have general discussions about all aspects of their yachting.

If you would like to join us visit the Office where you can either Register (free) with the site or become a full Member of our Association for £20 per year, (£30 for the first year’s subscription, including a Membership pack with free Burgee).