The following are links to Meteorological sites that we in the Macwester Owners Association have found helpful. They offer various levels of weather information for sailors.

  • The Met Office inshore waters forecast Area time slots on marine VHF channels
  • Yachting & Boating World Weather site Excellent interactive display, showing weather timelines, wind, rain, etc. highly recommended
  • XC Weather Lots of information, 5 day forecast
  • Wind Guru Originally intended for windsurfers WindGuru is now as much used by inshore yachtsmen. This link points to Poole Harbour, but you can change to a more local forecast to you by selecting “Search spots..” (top left menu bar) and entering the name of a coastal town in the area you are interested in
  • National Data Buoy Centre  Interesting site displaying weather information from buoys and oil platforms. This link starts off centered on the UK
  • Dundee Satellite Receiving Station As the name suggests, images from weather satellites plus some other interesting links
  •  Frank Singleton’s Weather and Sailing Pages Excellent site offering links to various weather site, some further afield than UK coastal waters. The site has a wealth of help on how to interpret weather and metrological information. Recommended for the intrepid sailor

We hope you will find the above useful. Of course, the Internet offers an ever-changing array of information, and if you have come across any sites that you think fellow Macwester Owners would find helpful, please take the time get in touch with us. Any recommendations you pass on we will happily include this as a link from this page, but make sure to tell us the URL (use the contact form here Contact Us.

Happy cruising