Technical Library

For many years the Association has held and made available copies of Drawings and information packs. These have been publicised and ordered using forms circulated with the Journal. We are now able to add to that data bank. Over the past forty years, members have written and submitted for publication in the journal, numerous technical and general interest articles.

The technical articles have been collected together and indexed under boat type e.g. Wight/Rowan/ 26 etc. and general (of interest to all). They discuss problems experienced with the boats and the solutions affected. Most give very practical advice and guidance and show that what may seem as insurmountable problems can be sorted with a bit of knowledge, ingenuity and courage.

To publish all of the information would create an enormous file so the index PDF file listing available articles is accessible below together with a list of available information packs.

Library Articles List

These are articles are now available free of charge to fully paid up members of the Association.

For non members there will be a charge of £2.00 per article paid by check to Macwester Owners Association on application or preferably direct to:- sort code 53-50-33 A/C No 86294806.

To order any of the listed articles, email the Club Technical with your requirements. Use the Item Ref. number from the Library Articles List above to select the item(s) you want.