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    Roland GauvainRoland Gauvain

    Our family has just purchased our first sailing boat, which was sold as a McWester 27. However, when buying her I had some niggling doubts about her description.
    Now having her out of the water and properly measuring her, I am conifdent she is actually a Rowan Crown (seems obvious when she her title is Rowes N Crown) but she has been resgistered since new on the SSR (Guernsey) as a Macwester 27.

    Her topside fit out us dead on for a Rowan Crown including the outboard mount, but she has the keel and skeg arrangement of the 27. Does anyone have any knowledge of ‘sport’ varients of the McWester designs build by Tridnet (she is listed as 1983)? or of this type of varient in particular? I have photos if that helps. Any thoughts on if the changes would make her a better or worse boat to sail as she has no centrel keel just the two heavier encapsualted bilge keels.

    I should add that we are delighted with her and as a first boat for our family, with two ‘small kids’ she does everything we need, just want to understand the history better.

    Many thanks

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