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Online Cruising questionnaire

The Club is always keen to get its members to post articles on interesting cruises they have had during the year.  Ideally these help pass on areas they had sailed, recommendations for places to eat and drink, any work, or modifications done on the boat, and of course – any funny or embarrassing incidents they had.

We’d love you to submit an article for publication on the website or for inclusion in the Journal and, we’ve now got two forms on-line: the  Online Cruising questionnaire form or, Submit an Article form if you have a more general article to include in the Journal.

Below is a selection of submissions from the archives:

Summer 92 in Company – Brian Rogers SIROCCO BLOE (Article scanned from Spring 1994 edition of the MOA Journal)

The Sun Shone! – Lomada’s Summer Cruise 1999, Rene & Len Ladd, (Article scanned from Spring 2000 edition of the MOA Journal)

Cruise to Brittany 1995 – Dawn Stroude, An account of their cruise to Brittany in 1995 on ELANOR their 28′ Atlanta Viking (Article scanned from the Summer 1996 edition of MOA Journal)

A different Mac 26 – David Whitehead, An interesting article for Mac 26 owners, this is David’s account of modifications he carried out to MARY CARMICHAEL to improve her sailing performance. (Article scanned from the Winter 1997 edition of MOA Journal)