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    Cam and R DilkesCamilla Claxton

    Hi all,

    We are attempting to look after a Mac Roman that has been out on the hard for 6+ years. Unfortunately she was full of water when we got to her. Cockpit full and about a foot deep inside.

    Not entirely sure how flooded so badly but cockpit drains were def blocked.

    Have unblocked and drained cockpit. Used a sub pump/wet vac to drain inside inc cupboard etc. not touched engine yet which sadly has been under water too.

    Just wanted to ask first- anywhere else we need to check for water ie under the cabin floor/bilge and if so how to get to it?

    Any other thoughts on what to tackle first after such a bad flooding (apart from obvs cosmetic) would be very gratefully received- she is beautiful we would love to save her.

    Thank you v much!

    Cam and R.




    Chris NixonChris Nixon


    get all the flooring up open all doors and put a dehumidifier in and until all is dry




    As Chris said, open everything that can be opened, unscrew any fixed floorboards. If you have power, and access to an electric dehumidifier, that is a good idea, preferably with the water drain going out through the sink drain, instead of filling up the internal reservoir. You could even put another ventilator to blow air under the floor boards.

    Cam and R DilkesCamilla Claxton


    Thank you for replies – we are here at moment. Can’t take any more of floor up but have got most of water out.

    Only concern is when some water was spilt in one of the cupboards, it drained away instantly but don’t know where?? Engine compartment maybe. Need to get in there next. Should we be worried about there being water anywhere else i.e. in the bilge? Don’t know how to access this – novices here!

    Thanks again.

    Inside boat

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