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    Lyndeen CalvertLyndeen calvert

    Mark and I have just brought Cocabana a macwester26 made in bosham 1966 no.26 lots of original fittings. The issue is she’s been neglected for many many a year and things are rusty and loose or rusty and jammed when they shouldn’t is there a good place to find replacements a macwester graveyard. Also where’s the water tank and what’s it made of.Stopping short of ripping it all out and total refit I was hoping a Haynes manual instructions type thing could be found.

    Linda NixonLinda Nixon

    Hi Lyndeen and Mark. Welcome to the Association.
    I am the Membership Secretary and current Commodore and I’ll get your Membership Pack off to you this week.

    I am hoping that a member who owns a similar boat will get back to you about the water tank. Some were fitted at the front and some at the back! While there is no ‘Manual’, we do hold a great amount of information in our archives. Have a look at the list on the website and if anything on the list seems useful, my husband (the Technical Officer) will email it over.

    He says that many boats of that era were fitted with galvanised fittings rather than stainless steel, so I imagine you will have quite a lot of work ahead, as the fittings will be in poor condition now, especially if they are the originals.

    Please keep sending your questions/requests for help. If no-one responds on this website, I can email all members instead.

    Mike HotardMike Hotard

    Welcome Mark,

    Pictures of specific jobs are often useful. Others members can see what you are up against and may have solutions or work arounds they have used. You might have to do that via the Macwester owners Facebook page while we work on that functionality in the Owners web site.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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