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    Norman BrasonNorman Brason

    Hi. Just joined as I am restoring a Malin in a very poor state . Chain  plates corroded under the deck. Access to the port  forward one will require cutting cupboard in fore cabin. Has anyone any experience of rectifying these. ?

    Many thanks

    Paul StevensPaul Stevens

    Hi Norman

    I’ve just read your post regarding the chainplates and I had a similar problem when restoring my Seaforth not that long ago.

    If they are the same as the Malin and I think they are then they are an inverted L shaped plate with the deck bolts bolted into them.

    The plates are bolted through the the hull and the bolt heads are under the rubbing strake. I had to take this off so it enabled me to remove them and have a good look. The chainplates themselves were actually very strong with just surface discolouration. The  U bolts holding the rigging through the deck secured to top of the plates had somehow bent and needed replacing. Like yourself they were in tricky places to access. One was inside a locker which fortunately I was replacing. I think you will have to somehow  contort yourself if you don’t remove the locker or as you say will need to cut access into it. I will try and send a photo of them removed. I was unable to find any deck u bolts of the correct size . The guys rigging the boat suggested I had new ones made . These were different in that they had a welded stainless eye in place of the U. I think they are better. There is a section of marine ply between the underside of the deck and the plate. These were completely soggy and of no use and were replaced. Ill try and send a couple of photos.

    If you need any further help let me know. e mail

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