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    Guy SmithGuy Smith

    Thank you for allowing me to join this forum.

    I’m new to to Macwesters having owned Hillyards in the past. The keelbolts in which having a limited lifespan albeit usually measured in decades. Intrigued by design and legevity of the 27′ s bilge keels I wondered what the expected lifespan and/or inspection period would be for the 1″ stainless bolts referred to in a recent post. I’m also in the market for a Macwester so any tips on what to look for and look out for would be gratefully received.

    Kindest regards


    Earnon O'CleirighEarnon O’Cleirigh

    If you are not afraid of some work – this Wight Mk 2 might be a lot of boat for not much money.

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    Hi Guy

    The keel bolts on the 27 are virtually impossible to remove, to my mind, as there is a shoulder machined onto the stud, which takes up the inside of the bottom of the grp keel stub. After that, the block of shaped hardwood was placed on the top part of the stud, bonded into the hull, and finally the washer, and nut on the top.

    I have no recollection of anybody having questioned the integrity of the keel bolts on a MW 27, but I am not a professional. I simply worked for MW Marine at Littlehampton in the ’70’s, and was able to observe what happened during the construction. I owned a 27 for 20 years.

    If you would like to seek professional advice, you can do no better than contacting Stuart Roy. His father C.S.J. Roy was the founder of MW Marine, and the designer of the MW boats. Stuart was particularly involved with the design of the 27, and especially the design and tank testing at Southamptin University of the shaped keels

    Best regards

    Bob Tuffnell

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    Mark Waltonmark walton

    I think the keel bolts are fairly bomb proof on a MacWester27, except after keel damage! That aside I have a slight worry about mast foot depression on my Mac27, Nora Harfield She has a tabernacle and whilst I seal all around the plate she does seem to collect water. I have inspected below the plate and she remains dry at all times. Is this a common issue and should I be worried as I have a survey due July21.

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