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    Susan LuceySusan Lucey

    I’m completing renovation of my boat and in the cupboard above the sink there is a rusting piece of metal and evidence of fibre-glass delamination, any idea what this is and how to repair it.



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    Hi Susan,

    What year is your 27? Is a Mk 1, with wooden toe rails on the edge of the side deck?

    From the pictures, the laminate that you refer to seems just to be for the back of the cupboard to the underside of the deck, so not part of the structure. There were sometimes galvanised mild steel square reinforcement plates under the nuts for the fixtures for some of the deck fittings. They could have rusted. All 27’s had 1/4” galvanised roofing bolts fixing the inner half of the rubbing strake the the hull/deck flange. They inevitably rust over time, especially if the wood has become  too “ripe”.



    You might like to have a look at an article that I wrote some years ago about rubbing strake replacement, which was republished in the Spring 2019 Macwester Journal p22/23

    It can be accessed on the Clubhouse page of the website- Library-Journal archive.

    Don’t hesitate to come back with more details or pictures.

    Susan LuceySusan Lucey

    Hi there it is a MkII I believe from around 1975. The rusted metal appears to be aligned to one of the stainless steel u bolts that the shrouds attach to?

    Also there are 4 vents either side of the hatch that seem to serve no purpose but let in water any advice, I’m thinking of sealing them at the base?


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