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    hi could any body help with history advise on my vessel belived from papers on boat that it was launched in1982 it now has a 1.9 derv peugoet engine and a jtype box any info would be handy thank u in advance steve

    Chris NixonChris Nixon

    Hi there.
    What is the name of the boat? Perhaps we can track it back in our records.
    What model is it?
    If it was launched in 1982 it may be an Atlanta or Trident and not a Macwester.
    Macwester ceased trading in 1980.

    Chris NixonChris Nixon

    As for the engine, Macwester did not fit Peugeot engines as standard so a previous must have re-engined the boat at some point.
    As for the gearbox type, you need to try and find a plate on the gearbox which will tell you what it is. As Peugeot are not a very common boat engine, you may need to contact a Peugeot dealer quoting the engine number. They might then be able to help.



    thank u for your reply
    the vessel was called YELLOW DOLPHIN I have now change that it was yellow from manufacture as hull is yellow inside. the survey done in 2003 the vessel is a sloop designed by CJS Roy and built by Atlanta Marine launched 1982 engine replaced in 1989 the survey states that the info is from the original owner as survey was requested by new owner I then got vessel 2018 august and told by the owner it had been in dry dock for some 10 years . he was a very ill man so I have no info on boat except what servey seems to show as a 26”lenth 9’3”breath draft 4’8”
    the servey is headed Mac Wesrter27 custom built mark4 l.o.a28’9”
    again many thanks for any help with confirming type of vessel . I have found a date 1981 on the water pump and 1981 on the remote fixings .

    Chris NixonChris Nixon

    Due to the mid match of information you have regarding the length of the boat, you simply need to measure it yourself with a tape measure.
    I am fairly sure it must be s 27’ 6” or 28’ as these are are the ones Atlanta made.
    Going back to the engine, you need to find the engine number and the number on a plate on the gearbox and then contact a Peugeot dealer to ask your questions.
    Peugeot marine engines are very uncommon.


    Many thanks for your reply I can now say this is a 28′ vessel by Atlanta
    as for the engine no records are available but it is a Peugeot engine with a Peugeot marine system as it is all marked as such in the heat exchanger .gear box has now been confirmed as a jtype with 2.1 reduction gear. there for if you can find in your records and drawings of original build spec that would be very helpful for my records as I intend to keep this vessel in as near to original as I can (except for the couler ) I have seen your new web site and can say that the pic on there is almost identical to my vessel save it does not show the toilet port hole .

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