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    Peter BosmanPeter Bosman

    Cruising guides can be handy. For the Netherlands a lot of information is available on the Internet but a lot of it is written in Dutch or German.

    I am a sailor and a publisher, I sailed across the Netherlands and visited most of it beautiful harbours. The North Sea Harbours, The Waddensea, Lake IJssel and the lakes and rivers in the south.

    The Netherlands is the gate to the rest of Europe. The rivers give acces to Germany, France, Belgium, the Donau (Central Europe) and the Northern countries.

    I am making a guide for sailors from the UK. (it will be professionally edited by a native speaker so all my mistakes hopefully will be corrected. 🙂 )

    But what kind of information you expect in a sailing guide?
    – information about the route
    – shipping rules
    – good routes and trips
    – information about marina’s?
    – what information about marina’s will be good enough?
    – phone numbers?
    – the best places to go?

    I think information about marina’s can be easy found on the internet. So I prefer a guide with information about the best routes, the most interesting towns and some basic information about marinas will do.

    Suggestions and tips are more than welcome.

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