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    Tanya OrchinTanya Orchin

    Our Macwester 27 Take Five purchased a month ago has the usual leaking water pump issue. The bolts that attach the pump to the engine are corroded beyond belief and  will require possibly tapping out and the punp  ( I have a spare) bwill possibly require a rebuild but that is a future problem. As you are aware the pulley wheel has to be removed to access the ‘hidden’ and very corroded water pump nut .

    I have managed to remove the pulley wheel nut and I am now looking at this ( see photo) .

    Is there a ‘hidden’ grub screw/allen bolt I need to remove .

    What is the flat nut with a slot / key and how is this removed ?  I realise I will have to use pulley pullers to remove it but I want to make sure the pulley is free to be removed and I m not forcing anything .

    Luckily the ferrous oil pipes under the pump have been replaced by copper ones and are in good order. Any advice welcome !

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    Chris NixonChris Nixon

    Although I do most of my Mac repairs myself, at this point I would consult a mechanical engineer (who is familiar with this engine) in order to avoid serious damage.


    Tanya OrchinTanya Orchin

    thank you Chris Nixon .

    Tanya OrchinTanya Orchin

    I managed to remove the pulley wheel very easily with a borrowed pulley puller and plenty of plus gas . it simply popped off . Such a relief ! I was then faced with the unenviable task of removing the water pump body attached by heavily corroded and rounded ( not by me ) bolts. I used a newly purchased set of Irwin Bolt ‘twisters’ which to my astonishment bit into what was left of the bolt head after a few gentle taps . Initially they bit and felt that they would snap and I had accepted this might happen and was ready to drill out and tap etc. but suddenly the bolt moved and within ten minutes the pump was off. There was some corrosion where one of the bolts fastens to the aluminium casing but I will use a special sacrificial compound whose name Ive forgotten with the new stainless steel bolts.  New replacement pump , new bolts , no more maintenance /  access problems on water pump. !!

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