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    Mark WaltonMark Walton

    I have a slight worry about mast foot depression on my Mac27, Nora Harfield She has a tabernacle and whilst I seal all around the plate she does seem to collect water. I have inspected below the plate and she remains dry at all times. Is this a common issue and should I be worried as I have a survey due July21.

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    Chris NixonChris Nixon


    As long as under the plate is dry it should be ok is the mast support in side ok

    A survey which you are going to have later
    this year will reveal any problems



    I worked for Macwester Marine from 1972 to 1978, on the sales staff. I owned a MkII 27 for 20 years until 2019.

    I remember seeing the name Nora Harfield on that 27, but a senior moment as to the name of the first owners.

    As I recollect, one of the issues that was addressed with the development of the updated MkII 27, which had a completely reworked deck moulding, was to eliminate that slight dishing of the rather large flat surface under the mast step.
    Perhaps other early MW 27 owners can reply with photos. That could confirm that the moulds were not perfect.

    As Chris Nixon has already replied, a survey should flag up any indication of a weakness in the structure. If there is no suspicion that the bolts fixing the tabernacle have had been retightened to take up any collapse in the reinforcement, no star cracks in the gel coat around the tabernacle, nor any sign of movement of the grp reinforcements bonding between the bulkhead and deck roof, it looks like the moulds were to blame.

    Just a last comment: as Macwesters have moderate sail areas and a rig with very wide spreaders (pretty well the same as the beam) and on early models, with lower shrouds going out to chainplates fitted to the hull, the stays are not at all overstressed.  They don’t need to be tightened up to sing a middle C when plucked, like on racing yachts.
    All the best.

    Bob Tuffnell. Rochefort, France


    Mark WaltonMark Walton

    Thank you for those helpful comments.

    The bulkhead supporting is fine.

    Bob, see ssr ref original owner. The second owner Mr Benson died last September.A well kept M27, just hope I can continue to keep her as well as they did!

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