As a Registered user you can add your own content on the wed site for other users to view. The types of content that can be created are:

    • Forum– The forum is a “blog” where you can open up discussions with other Mac owners on topics such as ‘Sailing’, ‘Maintenance’ etc. You can defiend the “topic” you want to discuss, and by “subscribing” to the forum you get email notification when others respond.
    • Classified Ads – Use this to publish adverts on the web site, e.g.: for a boat or ancillary items, or for items wanted.
    • Events – Use this type to publish details of events that you think other Macwester Owners would be interested in knowing about. Events are time specific, can be recurring and can list locations as well.
    • Posts – use this type for short stories on topics such as ‘Sailing’, ‘Maintenance’ etc. . With a “post” you can create a block of narrative and attach up to 10 photos

You can edit or delete any of the above after you’ve created it.